Good Lord

i totally forgot about this site and totally about how i had to leave my iphone on my will to dearest Ammu. My kisses, my love, my hugs to my babies.. they are going through so much now. Good lord, i have changed 2 iphones by then and now on my 3rd iphone and have permanently moved continents. I have even forgot the values my kids have taught me and i wanted to write two of them by now. i am a mess today. Am crying and moping. We've moved to India and all except Tejas is still pining for his previous life in the USA. His broken heart has broken mine too. Not a day goes by without him mentioning his school MMC, his dear teacher Ms Chefan and the place where she is from - the Netherlands. i wish i could just disappear into netherlands, seeing him so sad. He is not visibly sad or moping, but his lonesome thoughts while lying down in the night, while i lie besides him, holding his hand and caressing him legs, he lets out, i wish i was in the usa. What time is it in the USA , what time is it in the Netherlands. i dont like the TKD class here mommy, when can we go back to USA. What is a mom to do ? Other then crying silent tears and bawling her head off in private, i do what most men wouldn't do - just listen and nod and agree and empathize. Its been 2 whole months and still Tejas is still broken hearted and I pray to god everyday to heal his broken heart, put a balm and anoint it, to pump it with blood till it becomes puffed and pink, so my son can soar right back up to the sky, flying having fun and just living life, like it is supposed to be. with much love, from mommy dearest