Still having a cold.
Still have not signed up for the yoga class, Y wanted me to.
Still having the same small tank for the fishes.

By the way, the catfish died. Didn't want to announce it yet. Felt lazy or felt sad or felt incompetent.
It floated upside down a couple of times. Each time we thought it was dead and tried to fish it out with a net and it swam away. We were hopeful the last time around, but no such luck. We were actually able to fish the dead catfish out with much success about which no one was happy with. I should have guessed. It never understood when we dropped food on the top of the water. It never came up. I was somehow hoping it would be getting those food when the food reached down.

I guess it is not a tropical fish, to eat tropical food. I need to research about catfish, what kind of a fish are they. I took their life too lightly. I just sent Tejas to pick a fish. I expected the shopkeepers to show judgement when I myself a mom, didn't show any judgement by sending Tejas to get a fish, thinking the shopkeepers by now will know the kind of fish i have and the history associated with us.

I need to get a bigger tank for the orange and red fish. They have no space to swim and are still most of the time. Atleast let me remove some of the plants that is taking up too much space.

10 Ways to Wake Up Beautiful

10 Ways to Wake Up Beautiful

1. Get an Early Start

Make a habit of washing your face a few hours before bed. If you wait until you're tired, you're more likely to blow it off -- allowing "toxins and dirt to stay on there all night," says dermatologist Laurie Polis of N.Y.C. Another consequence? You miss the best time to treat your skin. "At night there's more blood flow to the skin's surface, and there's nothing else on your face to interfere with absorption," Polis says.
Try: Neutrogena Deep Clean Relaxing nightly cleanser, $7; at drugstores.

2. Sleep on Your Back
Note to Audrey Hepburn fans: Lying on your stomach is bad for "beauty sleep." The average head weighs 7 to 8 pounds -- a lot of pressure to be putting on your face every night. In fact, many dermatologists say they can tell what side of the face people sleep on by the number of wrinkles there.

3. Get a Lift
Sleep with your head elevated on two pillows, or put the headrest area of your bed on 2- to 4-inch pieces of wood. Gravity helps lymph and blood flow so fluid won't accumulate, Polis says.

4. Save Money, Not Wrinkles
At night you don't need to worry about eye treatments smearing your makeup, so slather on the richest formula you can. Polis swears by Aquaphor: "It conditions lashes and hydrates the delicate eye skin really well."
Try: Aquaphor Healing ointment, $9;

5. Sneak a Glow
Mix a drop of self-tanner into your night cream or use a cream that contains a bit of tan-producing DHA.
Try: Clarins Radiance-Plus self-tanning cream, $52;

6. Avoid Carb Face
To wake with defined cheekbones, eat a high-protein, low-sugar dinner (try salmon and asparagus, a natural diuretic). Skip the rice, pasta and potatoes. "When our diet's high in glycemic carbohydrates, our features take on a soft, doughy appearance," says Connecticut dermatologist Nicholas Perricone.

7. Wrap It Up
To minimize A.M. frizz, sleep on a satin pillowcase or put your hair in a silk scarf. "Those fabrics are much softer than cotton, so there's less friction," says Harry Josh, a John Frieda stylist.

8. Find Your Inner Ballerina
Pile hair into a twist on the top of your head (use a scrunchie to avoid crimping). "In the morning you'll have major volume and beautiful waves," Josh says.

9. Turn on the Hair Conditioning
Sleep with a moisturizing treatment in damp hair overnight. We like Philip B. Katira Hair Masque, but any rich conditioner will do. Rinse in the morning.
Try: Philip B. Katira Hair Masque, $40;

10. Pop a Rooster Pill
Trust us, we were skeptical. But after swallowing two Wake Up on Time pills at 11 P.M., we found it much easier to get out of bed seven hours later. Created by a sleep-deprived single mother, the pills contain an energizing blend of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12 and guarana-seed extract. It's formulated with a coating that releases ingredients into your bloodstream toward the end of your last sleep cycle, so you wake up feeling clear-headed, not fuzzy.
Try: Wake Up On Time, $30/40 tablets;


I've settled into a nice rythm. After browsing my favourite bloggers, i make an effort to write something on my blog too. Let the trend continue. 
Tejas is the lead singer for some mini function in the school. My heart swells with pride.


So Tejas went fishing yesterday and came back with a catfish. the catfish did a circling of the bowl in a split second my heart stopped. On later quizzing, he told it swam the fastest and that's why it was his prime choice.

It actually does have whiskers and its favourite jaunt is inside the bridge, much to the anguish of the TAAs.
Ammu is sick today. First it was Shiv. He was coughing straight for two months. Then it was Tejas and myself. And now its all the girls in the family. It is some kind of contagious cough that takes forever to clear and does not succumb to any medication. I was glad the girls didn't fall prey but is not true anymore. They are coughing away to glory. Tomorrow is a holiday due to election day. 

Feb 14th Valentines Day

Tejas finally had a good practise session at home. I told him in no strict terms that we are getting up only after practise is done. Have to come up with today's timetable for the kids. Somehow i have to reduce the number of classes. They are getting to be too much. We really worked hard yesterday. 

Have to up the music practise for girls. They hardly get to sit to practise at all. It is so much fun visiting a.mami. The kids practically think it is their house. Tejas loved the laddus she gave yesterday and wanted to get the recipe. Mami is just so amazing. She loves the kids. Infact Tejas loves to sing only cuz of mami. 

Fishy tales

So Teju's fish also died. Everyone went around asking 'Why, Why, Why ?' and that too, to me, like the fish wrote me a suicide note or a plea for help. Well, technically it is true that they should ask me. Ain't i the mommy of the fishes, and if they don't ask me, who else will they ask me. Including the pater. He had his accusing eyes fixed on me to get to the bottom of the dead fish in the tank.

 Oh well.. the previous owners had it for a year and had handed them over to me with loving care and now two are dead. Not only that, we had to buy Aishu a new bowl for her new fish, as it was attacking the new orange fish after its tiny fish of Ammu's died. Now the two fish seem to be at peace. 

Now its Tejas's turn to buy a fish. He has been after me to buy a male and breed fishes. But i had done that already and no desire to do one more. 

We had 40 fishes in a 10 gallon tank at one time in the States, with just me to look after. But he is going to select a fish and he is going to make sure its going to be a male. And i have to stop him ;).  

We've been having a fish bowl with 3 fishes, a black, an orange and a gold. The tiny gold one died. It was Ammu's. We will be getting her one more fish. When i read all these blogs, i feel like with my english and previous blogs that i've read, that i should be writing too. Like they say talent is dime a dozen but only a few lay the time and effort to bring it out. but I know our end goal - is to seek god, is to seek peace, all these just help pass the time.  Mama and mami are visitng us. Its been fun.
I have so many blogs now, that i am confused as to what to write where. The need for the hour is consolidation. One is going to be a journal of taa's life and times. This is predominantly going to be my feelings as a parent . i have two blogs to figure out their meanings and purposes. 
Tejas is showing signs of recurring asthma. Shiv has been coughing for a month now and so has Tejas for two weeks. Once on asthalin, he did much better. Trust this is a one time episode and he has not become prey to the Mumbai pollution.

Aishwarya is on a winning streak.
She came first in elocution
She came second in story-telling
She has been selected for the second round of Math Olympiad
She has been chosen for a drawing competition and she submitted a fantastic drawing for it.

Tejas has been selected for Science Olympiad second round
He has been enjoying TKD so much, he is breaking things at home, loves to kick and trying to do the splits and different kind of exercises. very heartening to watch.

Ammu is amazing.
Her goal is to turn in work first, doesn't matter correct or not
She loved the Hindi class.
She loved the drawing class and insisting on having it. She is so goal driven, that she if we place a carrot in front of her, she will do anything to get it.
she is simply amazing, my barbie doll like all my other two.

I am so blessed, Enna thavam seidanai, yashodha, engum nirai para brahmam amma yendra azhaika, yenna thavam seidannai.