Fishy tales

So Teju's fish also died. Everyone went around asking 'Why, Why, Why ?' and that too, to me, like the fish wrote me a suicide note or a plea for help. Well, technically it is true that they should ask me. Ain't i the mommy of the fishes, and if they don't ask me, who else will they ask me. Including the pater. He had his accusing eyes fixed on me to get to the bottom of the dead fish in the tank.

 Oh well.. the previous owners had it for a year and had handed them over to me with loving care and now two are dead. Not only that, we had to buy Aishu a new bowl for her new fish, as it was attacking the new orange fish after its tiny fish of Ammu's died. Now the two fish seem to be at peace. 

Now its Tejas's turn to buy a fish. He has been after me to buy a male and breed fishes. But i had done that already and no desire to do one more. 

We had 40 fishes in a 10 gallon tank at one time in the States, with just me to look after. But he is going to select a fish and he is going to make sure its going to be a male. And i have to stop him ;).  

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