Still having a cold.
Still have not signed up for the yoga class, Y wanted me to.
Still having the same small tank for the fishes.

By the way, the catfish died. Didn't want to announce it yet. Felt lazy or felt sad or felt incompetent.
It floated upside down a couple of times. Each time we thought it was dead and tried to fish it out with a net and it swam away. We were hopeful the last time around, but no such luck. We were actually able to fish the dead catfish out with much success about which no one was happy with. I should have guessed. It never understood when we dropped food on the top of the water. It never came up. I was somehow hoping it would be getting those food when the food reached down.

I guess it is not a tropical fish, to eat tropical food. I need to research about catfish, what kind of a fish are they. I took their life too lightly. I just sent Tejas to pick a fish. I expected the shopkeepers to show judgement when I myself a mom, didn't show any judgement by sending Tejas to get a fish, thinking the shopkeepers by now will know the kind of fish i have and the history associated with us.

I need to get a bigger tank for the orange and red fish. They have no space to swim and are still most of the time. Atleast let me remove some of the plants that is taking up too much space.

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