Tejas is showing signs of recurring asthma. Shiv has been coughing for a month now and so has Tejas for two weeks. Once on asthalin, he did much better. Trust this is a one time episode and he has not become prey to the Mumbai pollution.

Aishwarya is on a winning streak.
She came first in elocution
She came second in story-telling
She has been selected for the second round of Math Olympiad
She has been chosen for a drawing competition and she submitted a fantastic drawing for it.

Tejas has been selected for Science Olympiad second round
He has been enjoying TKD so much, he is breaking things at home, loves to kick and trying to do the splits and different kind of exercises. very heartening to watch.

Ammu is amazing.
Her goal is to turn in work first, doesn't matter correct or not
She loved the Hindi class.
She loved the drawing class and insisting on having it. She is so goal driven, that she if we place a carrot in front of her, she will do anything to get it.
she is simply amazing, my barbie doll like all my other two.

I am so blessed, Enna thavam seidanai, yashodha, engum nirai para brahmam amma yendra azhaika, yenna thavam seidannai.

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