a few years back, Tejas would be very upset with Amrita and almost hate her for everything gone wrong at that moment. He would say 'she troubled me for 4 years' he would say even when he turned 8.

Now the tide's finally changed, hopefully for good. Nowadays Amrita openly proclaims Tejas is her best friend since we other girls in the family, Aishu and myself are her bitter enemies. Mom tells her to do stuff she doesn't want to do and she looks upon Aishu as her competitive little sister who she has to one up all the time. I try to foster good things between them, but sometimes i forget and in a selfish way of making my life easier, i chide her and openly wish she would be as easy as Aishu. Aishu is no easy cake to walk on either. Yes, she is more tolerant. less demanding, but she is not so in certain other places where Ammu takes it easily.

Well, this is why i should blog more. I hate chronicling. I dislike looking back on life. i do not like bittersweet memories which make my nose quiver and make me all dreamy and teary eyed. I like the present and i look forward to the future, but i just do not like to delve in the past. It is over and done with. Happy and sad memories. i do not like looking at pictures as they are very nostalgic. Just don't. How about you guys ? Are you the same way ? 

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