the lameness of a post. How fleeting thoughts are? why blog at all. Doesn't make sense to me. The one thing i thought about at one moment is not the same the next moment. i am seeing this lovely pigeon out of my balcony. it is looking around almost furiously which makes me think it is trying to see with both eyes. i wonder if its head and beak come in the way of taking in a vision with both eyes. lovely red color making a circle over the black pupil and its actively looking around with its grayish green neonish of a neck color dazzling in the sunlight. its feet with claws look ready to take a flight, much to my consternation as what will i write about if my subject takes away into the blue expanse of the Mumbai sky. The feathers finish of their grayish color with a thick border of black much like a saree's border and the bird has left has my building, crashing my enthusiasm to write anymore. I just don't feel the need to write. The pen is the heaviest object to lift and my eyelids are the heaviest to heave open when it comes to writing nowadays. I am trying to recreate the years when i loved to write, actually wrote stuff which i loved the best and after so many years having flown by in between, writing is just not the same anymore. the laughter, the mirth and joy and the life has disappeared from my writing, that it tastes insipid and feels just vapid, empty , just to fill in the pages. The most repeated advise i hear is not to write while only being inspired but just writing like a practise and we all know that practice maketh perfect. Maneuver, - i have to teach my son the spelling for his Maars spelling bee.

Okay the moment is broken. The magic is lost. My pen is stolen and my muse has disappeared. Thus comes my writing to an end.

With much love and much hope to discovery
Mommy Dearest

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