I cannot believe another day went by. I actually thought i blogged today. Well, i do not have to blog every day, but what happens is then i do not blog on any day, so thought might as well keep the ball rolling. i am that kind a girl where inertia rules me. And i have started countless things in my life. And even my best friend calls me that - Jack of all trades, Master of none, and I am doing everything in my power to stop my fickle mind from starting all these innumerable classes that are available for our very own little tots. Once a nice lady said i should space my writing, paragraph it. Do you guys actually do that while writing, as i see now, as i am writing, things pour and i just write. i just do not start a new para or a line or anything like that. But after that poor soul left me this kind message to space my writing, so it is actually legible, i try to keep that in mind, when it comes to mind of course and that is what just happened. that thing of spacing came to mind and i thought it was actually blogworthy, as try as i might, try as it might to come to my mind, i do it at the end of my writing, i go to phrase my paras. How do you guys do it ? Do thoughts appear to you in para's and stanzas. Well, stanzas do appear to me but never paras.

Oh well, now that i am going back to my original subject, this para actually just came automatically. I didn't have to force it at all, and a lot of times you might see my I as i, as my shift key is in very bad shape, right from the time i bought this machine, can you imagine that. I payed close to a ransom to get this machine and it has a splotchy shift key which has to be pressed right in the middle, to get a capital out of it. And also the sound system on it is pretty bad. After the first two songs, the audio kind of gets cracked. There is nothing like adversity to sit up and prove one's self, to get one out of this comfortable rut. What do we need to get out of this rut ? A little jolt from our comfortable existence ?

I guess it is enough rambling for one day, don't you think ? ;)
AA have begun their french classes. Infact today is their third class. They were super nice, then became super naughty during class, as has become the pattern nowadays. Alamelu mami do not want to do anything with them anymore. They are just not behaving. So je m'appelle Aishu. Et toi ? Even i want to learn with them so we all girls can converse in French. i better go sit with them instead of browsing.

Tej is off to an IPL Match with dad and the cuz.

I really do not like to be without my husband on a Sunday night. It depresses me to no end.  So i did the next best thing or actually the first best thing, call my favourite person in the world - my mom.

Wow, don't we all have so many favourite , mom, dad, sis, bro, spouse, kids, friends and the pets ?
We are indeed very lucky. Or visit a favourite store or joint or hit the gym or reach out to the favourite song, movie or radio show. Or indeed reach out to our favourite blogs and youtube videos. Oh wow, we do have so many favourite things we could do. Now, this certainly reminds me of  - these a few of my favourite things.

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

Not one day goes without me screaming at the kids. Though i am finally begun to see light. I have been seeing the light for quite sometime but looks like the I'm almost at the end of the tunnel. It feels like i have found some purpose in all these parenting days. since the kids do not want me any more, i just feel like they are not as important and i spent all my waking moments only thinking about them. Like there was no me, no tomorrow.

Only everything belonged to the children. Every penny earned was best spent on the children. Literally everything was my children. But of late, i feel like i have become quite selfish. i am actually starting to think about me. I actually feel i could go to the salon and to the gym in their time. This believe me, was unthinkable a few weeks back. a few months back. Am not sure how this happened, but oh yes, probably i do, or may be its just a theory.

Everyone around me dresses super well and are actually super groomed. So me with my flabby self was not cutting out anymore. And my husband drilling into me to leave the kids alone and that i do not have a life and hence clinging on to them is making them miserable and me also a miserable person. Then the kids not wanting to hang out with me, but with their friends rather.

And all this prompted me to loosen up my hold on the kids ever so lightly every day that after a few months now, I am actually leaving them to spend two hours on their own, while i go around doing my thing. Also probably my philosophy in life is also changing.

I want them to grow, to make mistakes and to fall and me to be there, when they need me. I want them to live their life. i do feel selfish if i am not with them 24 hours, but i think i am at a point that I would be really selfish, unwanted and uninvited if i am with them 24 hours. How quickly the tables have turned. My son all of 9 years, i didnt even know when he didn't need me any more as i had the twins to look after. Now that my twins turned 7, I only see this closed door and i am supposed to knock and wait, till i am allowed to enter or talked to, at the door.

Oh, i just feel so awful !!

The twins are off school. They just threw me to the lions just like the Remeber the time video. They are the most beautiful adorable set of twins i've come across. Now mama has to be just nice to them. That is all. And teach them tamil, french, chess, and everything else in between. 

Earth Day Celebrations

Impressive to say the least. The Earth Day was celebrated with such fanfare, i was so impressed with the school's organization. The discipline in how the kids stood, entered and exited on stage. How they managed to do all this, without wasting study time, but as when time was available. This year is the school's centenary. They want to keep the mood festive throughout this year. So we will be treated to a once a month wonderful show put up by the kids. What a way to join this very prestigious school. 

Writing and Speaking the Mother Tongue

Question: How different are the written and spoken forms of your first language? If you want children to become familiar with their first language, which form would you look for in children's books - formal or informal? Why?

 Tamizh is my first language and so is my husbands. So no confusion there, as to what first language to impart on the poor little devils we planned to incarnate. All this tamasha and hoopla arise once the spawn appears as a squeeling ball of flesh. Till then, the couple or atleast me in this case, feigned headaches when the spouse wanted to go to the temple religiously every Sunday for the abhishekam, but no sooner the progeny appears, there is Suprabatham by our dear MSS ringing in a new day with as much regularity as a new day being born. The tamil kural and thirukaral given monumental importance like the UN discussing issues of world importance.

Being in the USA did not help. I spoke in Tamizh and my son continued to speak in English. Well, for starters my son was a late bloomer and by the time he spoke, he was 3.5 years old. So nonetheless we were just happy with him speaking at all. And then I had my neighbour’s child spouting Tamizh words inspite of just the dad being Tamizh. On further quizzing, the mom said that no special effort was laid down upon, its just that she was naturally good at it. Later I did come to know that incessantly watching Tamizh movies and listening to Kollywood songs actually do help to learn a language ;).So there are more ways than one to skin a cat, or in this case to drill a language.

I often felt the need for having formally learn Tamizh. I learnt to read it at 12 years of age, as I was desperate to read Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan. My perippa would borrow a volume from the Port Trust library with a looming deadline on it. Thus I began reading Tamizh in a hurry after my perimma had sufficiently lured me into the web of Ponniyin Selvan.. And ofcourse having lived all my 12 years in TamizhNadu definitely helped even though I had never formally learnt Tamizh in the classroom. Somewhere along the lines, I just fell in love with literature. It is so wonderful to identify what you love. I have this incredible love for literature and music with no special skill or talent in them to write home about, or well, just write about. And ofcourse as a parent, you want to set all your wrongs as your child’s right. And needless to say I want him to research tamizh ancestory, literature, the works, love the tamizh mann, tamizh makkal, and everything tamizh.

The first real serious education happened quite accidentally. When my devlish spawn started his carnatic music class, I just happened to have my very old rusty dusty copy of Panchapakesa Iyer’s geetham book in tamizh. In those days, probaby they didn’t print it in English, so much so that I was shocked when I saw all the fellow students of my son having an English copy. So my son’s first exposure to the tamizh alphabets were our very own Panchapakesa Iyer’s Sarali Varisaigal. At first he was limited to the Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni, but once he reached the geethams, by force, coercion, sternness and with very less amount of nicety, he just began to read tamizh and yet it wasn’t tamizh. It was Sankrit or Telugu he was reading in Tamizh.

 So broadminded was my son’s school headmaster that he insisted all the children know their mother tongue and he would urge me to get tamizh books for the USA library. It is wonderful to come across Tulika books and we will definitely be buying some books for my children.

My three children, or for that matter, most children are exposed to the colloquial language of their mother tongue and that would be the best form of language to be written in the children’s beginner book series. First get them engaged with what they already know and then we can slowly introduce the rest of the intricacies, beauty and formality of our language.

the above post was for Tulika's blogathon.
Nowadays i read blogs where everyone has said that less than impeccable english is an assault to their eyes. I used to feel that way too, but also nowadays, I can't keep my pen straight and write a few lines off it, which when reread over is full of grammatical and syntactical errors that even I cannot read my own writing without getting miffed and chaffed about it, but guess what too lazy to go back and change the already written post. When words flow faster than your hands can fly through the keyboard, some of the words do get scruffed and bruised and do look slain and beaten.

Well, shall provide more care to write apropos from today.

Yesterday was my girl's birthday. For the first time I was on a high without being drunk. I literally was on a high. I guess people feel that flushed kinda way while or after giving a speech, after attending or even better, performing a rock concert, probably even a carnatic concert. It was incredible.  I just realised, when I am feeling a little high, I used the I word a whole lot. Everything just looks incredible, feels incredible and is actually really bloody incredible. And i guess my husband borrowed it from me, when he heard it a couple of times.

The party was just so freaking great, partly because the game hostess needed some loud head banging music and I happened to pull out my pre-marital collection of  english songs, which I had last listened to, during my pre-marital days and playing all the songs produced an incredible high for me. Also seeing my lovely dolls jumping and prancing and enjoying themselves, while i danced away to glory to my own music, was the most wonderful feeling I have had, in a long time to come.

To more parties

With much love
Taa's mom

Mumbai's beauty

For every unscrupulous fellow, you meet 10 honest fellows in our dear Mumbai. It is just a matter of making up your mind. When i left the States, I just decided I am going to enjoy my ride her in Mumbai and inspite of seeing the dead rats on the streets, the dirt and the stink, I have a hard time thinking bad of Mumbai. I want it to so desperately work. As TaaDad calls it 'living in the bubble' life is great in Mumbai. There is nothing to worry about. You have a cook coming in, a maid , a car washer, a mali , a driver, couriers and one of the best options is 'Cash on Delivery' if you are weary about giving your credit card details on the net.

Coming back to the title of the post, I gave a 500Rs note instead of a 100 Rs to the delivery boy, the store owner calls me and returns the 400 Rs.

And another part is we never have to tip these delivery boys, ever. I initally tipped 5Rs, 10 Rs, and noticed my cash was disappearing faster in Mumbai than in the States, so i stopped tipping. But after the above incident, my heart went out to these honest fellows who work day and night and don't make an extra buck by hook or crook, and so i decided to tip the next delivery boy who came in half an hour later, as i ran out of curds, so i called out to my dear Benzer store for the same. So i give a 50 Rs note and four 10 Rs notes thinking that makes 80 bucks, and fish out a 5 Rs coin and hand it out to him and shut the door. What happens, the bell rings again. I cursed the door bell and lo i find the same guy, who knows i have tipped him out of the normal, and yet, he returned the 10 Rs note, telling him i gave him 90 instead of 80. He could have easily pocketed the 15Rs as they were all singles and the store owner nor me are going to be anymore the better with the knowledge, but he decides to give the 10 Rs. My heart went out.

It was almost like the Gods were telling me to tip all these wonderful delivery boys.