I cannot believe another day went by. I actually thought i blogged today. Well, i do not have to blog every day, but what happens is then i do not blog on any day, so thought might as well keep the ball rolling. i am that kind a girl where inertia rules me. And i have started countless things in my life. And even my best friend calls me that - Jack of all trades, Master of none, and I am doing everything in my power to stop my fickle mind from starting all these innumerable classes that are available for our very own little tots. Once a nice lady said i should space my writing, paragraph it. Do you guys actually do that while writing, as i see now, as i am writing, things pour and i just write. i just do not start a new para or a line or anything like that. But after that poor soul left me this kind message to space my writing, so it is actually legible, i try to keep that in mind, when it comes to mind of course and that is what just happened. that thing of spacing came to mind and i thought it was actually blogworthy, as try as i might, try as it might to come to my mind, i do it at the end of my writing, i go to phrase my paras. How do you guys do it ? Do thoughts appear to you in para's and stanzas. Well, stanzas do appear to me but never paras.

Oh well, now that i am going back to my original subject, this para actually just came automatically. I didn't have to force it at all, and a lot of times you might see my I as i, as my shift key is in very bad shape, right from the time i bought this machine, can you imagine that. I payed close to a ransom to get this machine and it has a splotchy shift key which has to be pressed right in the middle, to get a capital out of it. And also the sound system on it is pretty bad. After the first two songs, the audio kind of gets cracked. There is nothing like adversity to sit up and prove one's self, to get one out of this comfortable rut. What do we need to get out of this rut ? A little jolt from our comfortable existence ?

I guess it is enough rambling for one day, don't you think ? ;)

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