Mumbai's beauty

For every unscrupulous fellow, you meet 10 honest fellows in our dear Mumbai. It is just a matter of making up your mind. When i left the States, I just decided I am going to enjoy my ride her in Mumbai and inspite of seeing the dead rats on the streets, the dirt and the stink, I have a hard time thinking bad of Mumbai. I want it to so desperately work. As TaaDad calls it 'living in the bubble' life is great in Mumbai. There is nothing to worry about. You have a cook coming in, a maid , a car washer, a mali , a driver, couriers and one of the best options is 'Cash on Delivery' if you are weary about giving your credit card details on the net.

Coming back to the title of the post, I gave a 500Rs note instead of a 100 Rs to the delivery boy, the store owner calls me and returns the 400 Rs.

And another part is we never have to tip these delivery boys, ever. I initally tipped 5Rs, 10 Rs, and noticed my cash was disappearing faster in Mumbai than in the States, so i stopped tipping. But after the above incident, my heart went out to these honest fellows who work day and night and don't make an extra buck by hook or crook, and so i decided to tip the next delivery boy who came in half an hour later, as i ran out of curds, so i called out to my dear Benzer store for the same. So i give a 50 Rs note and four 10 Rs notes thinking that makes 80 bucks, and fish out a 5 Rs coin and hand it out to him and shut the door. What happens, the bell rings again. I cursed the door bell and lo i find the same guy, who knows i have tipped him out of the normal, and yet, he returned the 10 Rs note, telling him i gave him 90 instead of 80. He could have easily pocketed the 15Rs as they were all singles and the store owner nor me are going to be anymore the better with the knowledge, but he decides to give the 10 Rs. My heart went out.

It was almost like the Gods were telling me to tip all these wonderful delivery boys. 

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