Nowadays i read blogs where everyone has said that less than impeccable english is an assault to their eyes. I used to feel that way too, but also nowadays, I can't keep my pen straight and write a few lines off it, which when reread over is full of grammatical and syntactical errors that even I cannot read my own writing without getting miffed and chaffed about it, but guess what too lazy to go back and change the already written post. When words flow faster than your hands can fly through the keyboard, some of the words do get scruffed and bruised and do look slain and beaten.

Well, shall provide more care to write apropos from today.

Yesterday was my girl's birthday. For the first time I was on a high without being drunk. I literally was on a high. I guess people feel that flushed kinda way while or after giving a speech, after attending or even better, performing a rock concert, probably even a carnatic concert. It was incredible.  I just realised, when I am feeling a little high, I used the I word a whole lot. Everything just looks incredible, feels incredible and is actually really bloody incredible. And i guess my husband borrowed it from me, when he heard it a couple of times.

The party was just so freaking great, partly because the game hostess needed some loud head banging music and I happened to pull out my pre-marital collection of  english songs, which I had last listened to, during my pre-marital days and playing all the songs produced an incredible high for me. Also seeing my lovely dolls jumping and prancing and enjoying themselves, while i danced away to glory to my own music, was the most wonderful feeling I have had, in a long time to come.

To more parties

With much love
Taa's mom

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