Back From Balavihar Camp

and what am i ? A changed person, atleast a changed parent. Lots to work on the marriage front, as to stop nagging, contradicting him when he is speaking to the kids, etc, but atleast at the kids front, i can see a visible change.

I am not looking at them as something that needs to be molded, but a person with feelings of ego and respect. I have become much more calm and friendly towards them. I have let discipline take a back seat for now, nurturing them and letting them play forever instead of harping on practise and routine. Not necessarily a good thing. but what i am intending as my final result is 'DISCIPLINE WITH LOVE'. Just discipline would not cut it and for me, DWL is a hard line to walk. Probably its me who has set up this pattern, that the final scream does it, makes the kids listen, i have to transform it to them listening to me without the scream. My entire point from the moment i became a parent, or actually somewhere along is, i do not want to lose my dignity and reduce my state by screaming. How would i feel if my husband lifted a finger at me, and yet i do not give a moment's notice to myself if i have to scream or that occsional spank.

Can i elicit correct behaviour without these ugly tools ?

It has always been a challenge. And now, what i got to hear from Brni. Nidhiji, which i always wanted to do, validated by Nidhiji, is to be a friend first and then everything else.

What relations do we crave from our spouse, children, relatives, bosses.

To be a friend. Someone who loves you unconditionally without judgement . They already love you and hence you can reveal your weaknesses and despair without any cause of concern for selfimage.

That is the goal we have to seek from ourselves to give to our children.

That was a wonderful camp. Four days of bliss.

I urge all of you to join Balavihar and if you do not have kids, just join Chinmaya Mission. They have enough to cater to just the adult mind.

Please do not miss this opportunity. If you are abroad, it will start in September and hence do all your groundwork and if you are in India, it will start in June. It starts with the school year where ever you are. Even if the place is far, join it, it is worth every effort you take to reach the lotus feet of the Lord.

There is enough for the atheist as well. It is all about surrendering of the ego and God is just the crutch to do that.

Run for it

Hari Om

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