i am enjoying cooking, for my anna. He is visiting from Chennai. All these days, when i was young, they fed me, took care of me whenever we visited them and being abroad after marriage, no one has really visited me, the older folks who petted me and coddled me. 

Now is my turn, to repay, all their kindness and love they had for me when i visited them and when they visited my parents. 

What joy, the cooking gave me, for loved ones. 

When you think it is a chore , it is a chore. 

Do it for the Lord, 

I have been getting this a lot - 'you may not be able to do big things greatly, but you can do all little things greatly'. It is amazing to incorporate all these little sayings into your daily lives 

today, i read in the papers, an interview with ARR, and he says 'what little i do towards my spiritual side, is not enough'

What profoundity, i realised, we can never do enough of taking the Lord's name and keeping it in our thoughts for a good measure of a time. 

Like Swamiji said 'you have do these 3 20s daily - 20 minutes of japa, 20 minutes of meditation and 20 minutes  of spiritual reading'

I promised myself i would do all those, but its has been correctly 20 days, and sad to say i have not done anything '

Atleast when i blog about it, i blog about you my Lord, please grace all my thoughts, pleace grace all my actions, let me life be an offering of a petals at your feet, let all my actions be offerings of prasad and love to you, let me see you in everybody.

Like Chinmaya said 'ever remain in a state of gratefulness'

For example, you have to feed these guests, think sakshath bagavan is coming to feed from you and cook with joy. When things become a chore, it is God who is testing you, are you panning out every single test. 

Like Chinmaya said when he was giving a discourse, 'i expect you all to be grateful to me that i am giving you this vast ocean of knowledge for free, i am not getting money for it, the least i expect all of you is appreciate me for doing this inspite of my discomforts today and have come just for you'

'no if i think like that, i will expect you to be grateful to me and appreciate me and if that doesn't happen, i get disappointed , grumpy and finally sick in the mind. Instead, i am grateful you all came, you all came, so i can take the name of the lord for all these hours'

Ever remain in a state of gratefulness. 

Once namdev gets realised .. i have to take care of the adupu.

will be back later with namdev's story. it touched me in so many ways.

Taa Mommy.

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