A picture speaks a thousand words

I walk into the kitchen and what do i find ? My anjali petti in a state of careful disarray. All kinnams holding all items and an extra special item a badam biscuit distributed among all 7 kinnams. I knew it must be Aishu.
Usually I would have been very mad and huffed and puffed and belittled the child, the harried person I am with a 100 things to do. but my new post camp persona kicked in and I actually admired her handiwork.

She waltzed in a few days later and asked me 'Mama, did you like it ?'
And i waxed eloquent.

But I was actually shocked. I thought she would know that this would make me mad.
Little did i know that she thought she was actually creating an artwork and not a thought about messing a neatly laid out anjali petti.

So pure is the heart of the child.

Hari Om

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