Lord, I pray at your Lotus Feet, to give me equanimity in all situations,
please let not a day go by without my being grateful to have my little ones around
let not a moment go by without me acknowledging how priviledged I am, that they chose to be born here
let not a thought go by without being loving to them
let not an action go by without enveloping them in love
let not a word go by without making them feel appreciated
let not a touch go by without caressing them in hugs
let not a sigh go by without their topmost concern in my mind
let me be immersed in my love for them
let me not forget that what i have is precious and one harsh moment cannot be replaced by a thousand tender moments as that harsh moment will be etched deeper than the tenderness.

Am i not like that ? My maid toils day and night and the minute she makes a mistake, I remember that for the rest of the days to come by.

Let me rise above my petty emotions of right and wrong, and please seat me deep in your love and my love for all humans.

Lord, open my eyes to you
open my heart to you
open my self to you
Let me know only love, just like you wanted
Let me not move away from my natural state of love
Let me be love

thank you Lord
Hari Om

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