Moi : Sir, we are going to the Balavihar camp to Chinmaya Vibhooti the next couple of days and then their old school starts from May 7th. So we will not be able to have these daily classes that we have had these past two weeks.
Sir : Sure, call me back when you come and we can set up an evening time for the classes twice a week or however you want
Aishu ; No, I want to stay in French
Sir ; What do you mean ?
Me : She wants to continue French classes
Aishu was nodding vehemently. This was the girl, after the first day, took one look at the Sir and shallowly said he doesn't look good and all suave, and hence will not be categorically taking classes from him. Give me a lady teacher she had said.
But Mr. B has so skillfully with his infinite wisdom of handling kids, had made French fun while learning it in the process and the kids actually were looking forward to their regular 9.30 AM classes.

So the kids love it and so do i. I find it exotic enough to love it.

Anyway we will be going to the Balavihar camp. Will give you guys an update once done

Take Care
Au Revoir

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