Mothers day 2012

will be very special to me. The twins have been planning forever what to give me. They measured my head and made a paper crown and they would hide it when i walk in the room and sneak from room to room holding it in the back.

They drew countless pictures, threw it away and drew another set of countless pictures.

They wanted me to not get out of the bed. i was to sleep with Tejas the whole day and they would make breakfast with Dad. They would make lunch with dad and they would make dinner with dad. they planned out an elaborate menu with dad. Only what i liked was to be made. They made a huge brownie cake the previous day and reserved it for mother's day.

They wanted to give me a single red rose and pestered dad to get it for them to give it to me.

I am crying as i write this. The children took such good care of me that i didn't thank them then as much as I am thinking and thanking them now, for their love.

I was happy they did all this but they needn't have. Moms are so generous that way. They just know to give and are at a loss when it is for theirs to take. My mom is exactly like that. She would get angry if we ask her to take and she would get mad if we want her to stop giving. Guess all of us children have got that from her. We do not expect anything from each other. Infact if they do, we chide them for doing it.

So coming back to my kids, it wasn't a big deal for me. But it was big deal for them. Yes, they showered me with their love and i became pure in all their love.

thank you my children and my dear hubby for making the day so special.

Taa's mom forever. 


Anonymous said...

This is precious. May the love continue to overflow :)

taa's mom said...

Thank you Pepper

Horizon said...

Very sweet indeed. Happy Mothers day to you.

taa's mom said...

Thank you Horizon !!.