lots of things to write about

1. the girls have become excellent basketball players. Aishwarya dribbles continuously till her hands fall off. She is trying to good on her left and alternate hands. Amrita is the passing queen. When she passes the ball literally flies over my head (which doesn't take much actually ;).
They want to become basketball coaches. They asked what it takes to become one, i said first you've to teach elementary school kids, then if you get good at it, middle school, high school, college, university, state team and then national team and then you will be olympic coaches. They do not want to play , they just want to start coaching right away. This is, after a few days of playing basketball in our lobby ;) Only dribbling by Aishu and passing by Ammu. If you ask Ammu to dribble and Aishu to pass, they would be at a loss. Also both are not good at baskets. And they do not want to play, but want to be coaches right away. Then i told them they can't be coaches till they are 24 and no earning money till then. Then they said they will be home and learn basketball. I said they have to earn money after they become 18 and i will kick them out of the house. This panicked them greatly and they wanted to know how to buy a house, live in a house, etc.
So then they thought for a second and said, ok we will leave in this house and i can leave, so that way i am the one who is kicked out. i told them that can be done too. then they thought for one more second and Amrita said ok we will get married so our husbands can earn. i told them papa lets me stay home only cuz i am looking after you kids, but i have to go to work too which i am.
Then they said, ok we will have 2 husbands and 1 wife, i will look after their kids. i said ok we will buy 3 flats for 3 of you. Ammu said no no , only 2 is enough, one for tejas and then one for the girls and their families. Then we will have more people and so more hands to help out and more mouths to feed. They they said we cannot accomodate their aunts and relatives as they will not have space and then they thought about their future. i told them we have a house in Chennai and a house in detroit, so not to worry and they all will have a house. they said ok we will earn and they will live off us, as they were not sure if they will be able to learn. i said don't worry, every body can earn and will find a job or invent something and their only duty is to learn now. Then i told them the wise saying of 'teach a person to fish, and not feed them fish'. And their last thought before sleeping must have been, 'we don't want to fish. We don't eat it '

Yes the three stooges happening at our place every day ;)

Loving it !!

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