Mommy Mommy

I heard my son call out to me. I looked if he came back. I had just dropped with my driver in the basement. Poor darling. He wasn't feeling too well. An area of his skin was burning with some red rashes. I put silverex, let it cool for a few hours before dressing him up. Lovely son had to go to TKD. His black belt is coming up soon. My doll son has to go and get the belt.

Anyway my son was not at the door. it was all the other noises around that had formed the needy 'Mommy Mommy son' voice, just like the clouds make up our favourite images. He was not at the door, coupled with the whiny needy gentle voice prodding at me 'Mommy Mommy'.

I wish he had come back. Is my son needing me somewhere. More that needing the I, the me, is he needing the underlying comfort a mom brings to his woebegone self. My dear son, wherever you are right now, your mom is right there with you. I say a little prayer for you. Mom cannot be there always with you, but God is and God will be, and I feel so much better when I say a little prayer for you.

Incidentally it is one of my favourite songs as well. My son I say a little prayer for you.

I just watched the whole youtube above and felt the same feeling of desperation as I always feel while watching this movie. The feeling Julia feels. I so wished she got the guy. And McDermott or whoever he is, is so sizzling. Love him love him to death. I wonder why he didn't become a big deal like Tom Cruise or someone. There is one more movie of his and I just loved watching him in that as well. He is has done his part so well in this movie, convincing to the utmost degree and never ever flinching from his love for Carmen or whatever her name is. And Julia makes all your heart crawl into a pocket and weep cuz she didn't get the guy. I wish they did this movie all over again with mcDermott or whoever he, falling all over for Julia and ofcourse Julia never wearing those baggy pants and shirts again, only feminine clothes please or sexy cut off suits !!

Oh well, i wish they did , they did. Carmen is so awful throughout the movie. Dont' you all agree with me ? ;)

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