todays post. What a day , it was spent at the spa making me look my best ;)
I had a hair wash, color, pedicure and coloring the nails. all in all a well spent day making me look good ;) !!

Back to what ? - a husband who is home at the ungodly hour of 12 noon on a weekday. Back from Germany. It is so good to see husbands after long periods of absence. So the first one hour was spent without anyone trying to see if the other is trying to insult the another !! . All was well, happiness abound and love remained for a long time to come, till the little brats rushed home, mama giving one set of instructions and papa giveng another and tempers flared, horns on the forehead appeared, smoke around the nostrils. Yes, our children do this to us ? Do yours ?

Take Care
Mom dear.

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