You guys know, i am very worried about my little tejas. He woke up this morning and said, he is nervous that he has a lot to do. performance anxiety. so i read about it and it said it is good to have some amount. and how to alleviate the rest. The best way is to be prepared. lack of preparation is a major cause. Then you will worry how much ever you are prepared, as worriers do as they want to do their best.

Well, my dear dear Tejas, i don't want you to worry. You are the best. Every week i get to hear from your teachers how wonderful you are and the wonderful stuff you do. Yes, mommy pushed you earlier on and now i see you are pushing yourself. My darling Tejas, let us find a way to do it without anxiety, stress and all the unpleasantness. But sometimes to see the great truth, we have to undertake a lot of hardships. No pains, no gains. The milk is curdled to get the cream. So you need to see the beauty in the pain and so should i . Let me not go all soft on you like i did for a while and nothing was accomplished. All your teachers were up in arms against you for not practicing, for wasting your god given talent. Finally after much trail and error, we have come to a happy medium i think. August was tough with your school opening and with all your other practices. finally September brings a sense of understanding your timings, you and your likes. You are the most precious boy that ever walked the earth. Your sensitivity and gentleness coupled with your energy and mischievousness is a delight.

Enna thavam seidhanai Yashoda, honestly, i thank you for giving me a chance to interact with you daily, be of service to you in any small capacity i can as a mother. These years will fly by and my boy will be leaving the nest, me empty handed with just those lovely memories to fall back on.

Thank you for coming into my life, gentle soul.

May God bless you and teeter you on to higher things


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