Seeing the Visarjan firsthand was a totally awesome experience. how do people recap memories. i just cannot. anyway let me try. shiv and i went through all the lanes and bylanes of mumbai to people celebrating ganesha, dancing to loud cine music and generally having a party. there were ganeshas and ganeshas everywhere. it was an awesome sight. last year i saw a handful of nice ganeshas and i was thirsting for more. this year, especially being out on anant chaturdishi day, we saw the big guns arriving by the truckfuls. just breathtaking. i even got to see lalbagh ka raja. wasn't that something. when will tejas read ruskin bond stories and all the classics. i will force him to read it, then only he will realize the value of good literature. right now he has not read any that would count for good literature. how i miss mmc. anyway the days are changing. i will introduce him to good literature.

and then at the chowpatty itself, teh girgaum chowpatty, big big ganeshas were floating inside the water. it took till 9 am for the idol to fully sink in.

it was breathtaking as well as eerie to see the ganesha's all floating by in silence to be fully immersed. it was a sight in itself.

Only in Mumbai, yes Only in Mumbai.

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