We have an awesome cook and lovely maid and even awesome driver to help us with our day to day needs. So when the kids don't pick up after themselves, I say 'Well you guys want to go back to the USA, then you have to pick up these things. No one is going to do that back there. I am done picking up stuff after you.'

It really didn't help in picking up things after themselves, but they instantly had joy in their heads on hearing their beloved country US.

This went on for several months.

Tejas was telling me that he will have tonnes of homework when he reaches 8th grade and I would have to cut his extra curricular classes for which I said 'well you will be in the US then, so don't worry.'

And he was actually worried. He has begun to form very strong friendships with his school mates. This was the child who cried 4 months straight into my lap about not fitting in, not knowing cricket, hindi and bollywood and hated the school and friends.

And give him a year and he is actually worried about heading back. He said he will do till 7th here and head for 8th grade and he just wants to visit his friends for xmas in the US and to go a little early so he could say hi to Ms. Chefan. ;)

Times have changed. My love my son wants to stay in India. i have a feeling we will go to the USA and move back to India ;) !!

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