Dearest Tejas

You are 10 my dear. You always eke a lot of sympathy from mom more cuz 1. You listen to me implicitly 2. You look like someone who needs to be rescued all the time with your puppy dog eyes 3. And the girls are always together and hence you feel so much more lonelier without them and you get so much time alone simply because your schedule is different from theirs. You yearn for their company but it is not as much as you imagined with all the infighting and back stabbing going on. 
Also on top due to mummy's fault you have gained so much weight it is an uphill battle to remove it. But mummy will not give up on you. She is going to make sure you lose your puppy fat and become one hell of a good looking kid that you are. With so much love that could fill the earth and beyond my Love my Tejas 

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