It is time to ramble again and ramble i must as i want to keep this ball rolling. Okay you get the drift. You've read the ball rolling on day one and then you read about the ball rolling on day 2 and then you really don't want me to write about the ball rolling on day 3 as you can very well see, that the ball is rolling and hence I, in all my right senses should not make a post out of it.

I actually enjoyed writing yesterday's piece, okay i enjoy rambling, but it came with a sense of freedom as i was addressing you guys as well. That i didn't mind rambling for my audience and that fact that I have the temerity to expect an audience and to write for them. And the fact that i write what i want, for my audience as well. That is incredible freedom. Not only am i writing for myself but I am willing to show my rambling to my audience without any awkwardness. Now i call that real freedom, to be real even among the unreal (that is you folks).

I guess my confidence is increasing, not necessarily in my writing, but about myself, that i am ok to write this rambling piece of xx and not have a problem with you guys reading it.

And somehow today i did read my para post before writing this, so the para's are coming to me in the nick of time to leave a para.

I guess that is enough rambling for one day ?

Thank you for reading this post ;)

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